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    Road Sweepers For Sale

    Roads need a lot of attention and maintenance. Combat wear and tear with a used road sweeper from Mascus and speed up the process. With available listings from brands like Tennant, Hako and Schmidt, you’re sure to find the road, pavement sweeper or path sweeper you need to get the job done. We have a selection of truck mounted, walk-behind and ride-on sweepers to choose from. Browse the listings below and order your used road sweeper online today.
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    Benefits of Road and Pavement Sweepers

    One of the most important components of road maintenance is sweeping, which offers a number of cosmetic, environmental and social benefits:

    • Better safety. Reduce the risk of skidding, sliding and other vehicle accidents by removing excess material from the road.
    • Help the environment. Dirty streets will have a negative effect on the environment, as waste can be carried into various ecosystems and may be dangerous to animals.
    • Improved appearance. One of the most obvious benefits. With a road sweeper, you can remove stray debris, residue and rubbish that is littering the surface.
    • Protect vehicles. As above, removing excess debris and residue from the road will ultimately protect the quality of any vehicles using the road.

    Find out how to buy and sell used road sweepers below, and protect the quality and condition of your roads, pavements and paths.

    How to Sell Used Road Sweepers

    Selling off your old Hako sweepers? You can do so with ease on our platform. But before you can place an ad, you need to be logged in. Don’t have a Mascus account? You can register for free. Sign up as an End User for a one-off sale, or become a Dealer to sell your used equipment on a regular basis. As a Dealer, you’ll gain access to all of the Mascus membership benefits, including:

    • Promoting and highlighting your ads to boost visibility and attract more customers.
    • Using sponsored boxes with your company logo and colours to increase brand awareness and enhance the quality of your listings.
    • Receiving regular updates of your available stock, cutting out the manual admin work.

    Once you’ve chosen your membership preferences and your application has been confirmed, it’s time to pull together your used road sweeper listing. Start off by collecting several clear images of your walk-behind or ride-on sweeper from various angles, giving potential buyers a full view of the item. To accompany those images, note down all of the relevant product information in a clear, concise format – including brand and model names, the price and your location. As a general rule, the more detail and images you can provide, the more buyers you’re likely to attract. Anyone who is interested in your used road sweeper will be in touch. Find out how to contact other Mascus sellers and buy your own used road sweeper for sale below.

    How to Buy Used Road Sweepers

    At Mascus, we have a range of used road sweepers for sale – including Hako and Tennant sweepers, as well as ride-on and walk-behind sweepers. To find the item you need, view our listings for used road sweepers and narrow down your search using the left-hand panel. That way, you can select your preferences for brand, model, price, location and more. Making sure that the item suits your specific requirements is a vital part of the buying process, so make sure you read all the information provided and take note of all the details in the attached images. Once you’ve found the right used road sweeper, contact the seller using the details form provided and they will be in touch to discuss the logistics of the sale.

    Not sure where to start? Have a look at our listings for Hako sweepers.