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    Used Claas agricultural equipment and machinery for sale

    At Mascus, we’re leading experts in the trade of agricultural equipment online. In our current listings, you’ll find a variety of Claas tractors, combines and more. Search our available range to find the specialist equipment to suit your agricultural needs today.
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    • Claas Jaguar 860, Foragers

      Claas Jaguar 860+Jaguar 850+Jaguar 870Working width: 450


      China, 青岛,13210283821

    • Claas Jaguar 860, 1995, Foragers

      Claas 克拉斯860青贮机青储机claas860-JAGUAR860克拉斯860Working width: 450, Engine output: 576.64, Cylinders: 8 cyl., Top speed: 20, Production country: DE

      China, 潍坊17667196986 Jack,微信同号,已经含税,看车况议价.二手挖掘机进口代理

    • Claas Jaguar 860, 1996, Foragers

      Claas 克拉斯860青贮机青储机870-JAGUAR 860克拉斯860Working width: 450, Engine output: 430, Cylinders: 8 cyl., Top speed: 20, Production country: DE

      China, 潍坊17667196986 Jack,微信同号,已经含税,看车况议价。二手挖掘机进口代理

      110,770 SGD
    • Claas Jaguar 970, 2010, Foragers

      Claas 970青贮机青储机claas970-JAGUAR 970克拉斯970Working width: 600, Engine output: 729.44, Cylinders: 8 cyl., Top speed: 40, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 0.01, Production country: DE

      China, 如果您想从德国及周边采购,可以咨询我们:l58l83l8684微信同步,旧设备进口手续

    • Claas Jaguar 860, 2006, Foragers

      Claas JAGUAR 860Working width: 600

      China, 天津

    • Claas Jaguar 950, 2008, Foragers

      Claas 950青贮机青储机claas950-JAGUAR 950克拉斯950Working width: 600, Engine output: 508, Production country: DE

      China, 潍坊17667196986 Jack,微信同号,已经含税,看车况议——旧设备进口手续

    • Claas Jaguar 890, 2006, Foragers

      Claas 克拉斯890青贮机青储机claas900-JAGUAR 890克拉斯890Working width: 600, Engine output: 510, Cylinders: 8 cyl., Top speed: 40, Production country: DE

      China, 潍坊17667196986 Jack,微信同号,已经含税,看车况议价。现车,旧设备进口手续

    • Claas Jaguar 890, 2005, Foragers

      Claas 克拉斯890青贮机青储机claas890-JAGUAR 890克拉斯890Working width: 600, Engine output: 515, Cylinders: 8 cyl., Top speed: 40, Production country: DE

      China, 潍坊17667196986 Jack,微信同号,现车已经含税,看车况议价.旧设备进口手续(

    • Claas 12-30, 2014, Combine harvester heads

      Claas 12-30

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Wilmington, Ohio

      38,542 SGD
    • Claas Lexion 740, 2016, Combine harvesters

      Claas LEXION 740Engine output: 402, Traction type: 2 WD

      Combine harvesters
      2016 857 h
      United States, Kearney, Nebraska

      269,794 SGD
    • Claas C512-30, 2011, Combine harvester heads

      Claas C512-30C

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Seward, Nebraska

      33,809 SGD
    • Claas Lexion 760 TT, 2014, Combine harvesters

      Claas LEXION 760TT

      Combine harvesters
      2014 1,454 h
      United States, Altoona, Iowa

      409,007 SGD
    • Claas Orbis 600, 2014, Combine harvester heads

      Claas ORBIS 600

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Seward, Nebraska

      121,712 SGD
    • Claas Maxflex 1050, 2014, Combine harvester heads

      Claas MAXFLEX 1050

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Kearney, Nebraska

      50,713 SGD
    • Claas Lexion 740, 2011, Combine harvesters

      Claas LX740

      Combine harvesters
      2011 369 h
      United States, Great Falls, MT

      152,140 SGD
    • Claas RU 600, 2002, Combine harvester heads

      Claas RU600

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Alden, Minnesota

      31,780 SGD
    • Claas Lexion 750 TT, 2012, Combine harvesters

      Claas LEXION 750TT

      Combine harvesters
      2012 1,825 h
      United States

      268,930 SGD
    • Claas Lexion 730, 2011, Combine harvesters

      Claas LEXION 730

      Combine harvesters
      2011 2,798 h
      United States, Dodgeville, Wisconsin

      151,463 SGD
    • Claas Jaguar 980, 2008, Forage harvesters

      Claas JAGUAR 980

      Forage harvesters
      2008 2,972 h
      United States, St. Martin, Minnesota

      216,376 SGD
    • Claas Jaguar 830, 2011, Forage harvesters

      Claas JAGUAR 830

      Forage harvesters
      2011 1,430 h
      United States, Glencoe, Minnesota

      231,252 SGD

    Types of Used Claas Agricultural Equipment

    Looking for a Claas Lexion 460, or a Lexion 760? It’s easy to find your favourite brands and models at Mascus, you just need a membership – and that’s really easy to set up. Simply use our instructions below.

    How To Sell Used Claas Tractors and More

    Selling your second hand Claas tractors and agricultural equipment couldn’t be simpler with Mascus. You need to become a Dealer or an End User. Sign up as an End User if you’re only looking to make a one-off sale. If you’re going to be making more frequent sales, join as a Dealer.

    You’ll then be granted access to multiple perks, including email advertisements and social media access. Once you’ve been authorised as a Dealer, create your advert. Add clear pictures of your used Claas forage harvester or other equipment, and provide some details to encourage potential buyers to contact you.

    How To Buy Second Hand Claas Tractors

    Looking for a particular type of Claas agricultural equipment? It’s easy to search. Filter out your preferences, including make, model, price, year of manufacture and even the location of the seller. Then, view the listings we have available and find your favourites.

    Found the right used Claas tractor for sale? Get in touch by filling out your details in the space given. The seller should then contact you.

    Not decided yet? Browse our full listings of agricultural equipment.