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Used Utility Tool Carriers For Sale

Are you looking for a heavy-duty tool carrier with enough capacity to carry all your utility tools and accessories? Tool carriers offer optimal centreline visibility, which is ideal for anyone handling large material where such visibility is vital – for example pallets, pipes or logs. Find a wide range of used utility tool carriers for sale below, including John Deere and Mercedes-Benz carriers.
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  • Isuzu water sprinkler truck, 2016, Utility tool carriersIsuzu water sprinkler truckLatest inspection: 2020, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Gross Weight: 1000, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Body type: Other, Fuel type: Diesel, Steering: Other, Noise level: Yes, Guarantee: no, Tyre brand: Yes, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 40HQ, Front tyres remaining: 95%, Rear tyres remaining : 5%, Production country: CN, Amount of previous owners: 1

    Utility tool carriers
    2016 3,490 h
    China, shanghai

    11,605 SGD
  •  龙升 CRM履带式搬运小坦克, 2016, Utility tool carriers龙升 CRM履带式搬运小坦克Production country: CN

    Utility tool carriers

    2,034 SGD
  • Mercury 3 WD, Utility tool carriersMercury 3 WD

    Utility tool carriers


    1,749 SGD
  • Unimog U400, 2003, Utility tool carriersUnimog U400Latest inspection: 01.11.2019, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Gross Weight: 10200, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Fuel type: Diesel, Engine output: 231, Traction type: 4 WD, Engine Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Top speed: 85, Noise level: 99, Front tyres remaining: 85%, Rear tyres remaining : 85%, Front tyre size: 405/70 R24 MPT

    Utility tool carriers
    2003 11,000 h
    Germany, 83646 Bad Tölz

    124,481 SGD
  • Promoted
    Hako Citymaster, 2016, Utility tool carriersHako Citymaster 600

    Utility tool carriers
    Denmark, Ved Bækken 16, 3060 Espergærde

    64,196 SGD
  • Egholm 2150, 2010, Utility tool carriersEgholm 2150

    Utility tool carriers
    2010 650 h
    Denmark, Rønnede

    20,363 SGD
  • Egholm 2200, 2010, Utility tool carriersEgholm 2200Accessories: Rotary Sweeper Sand Spreader Pick-up Sweeper

    Utility tool carriers
    2010 532 h

    10,693 SGD
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  • Reform Metrac H7RX, 2019, Utility tool carriersReform Metrac H7RXGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Fuel type: Diesel, Traction type: 4 WD, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Front tyres remaining: 95%, Rear tyres remaining : 95%

    Utility tool carriers
    2019 55 h
    United Kingdom, Mid Wales

    123,227 SGD
  • Kubota F3890, Utility tool carriersKubota F3890

    Utility tool carriers

    Denmark, Tinglev

    38,539 SGD
  • HTF Farmer H513 OVERGEMT TILBUD, 2014, Utility tool carriersHTF Farmer H513 OVERGEMT TILBUDEngine output: 13

    Utility tool carriers
    Denmark, Holstebro

    16,076 SGD
  • Ransomes TG4650, 2013, Utility tool carriersRansomes TG4650 7 delige getrokken maaierTransport dimensions (LxWxH): 3 37 x 2 50 x 1 50

    Utility tool carriers
    Netherlands, Vessem

    19,949 SGD
  • Multione s1835, 2011, Utility tool carriersMultione s1835General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Fuel type: Diesel, Engine output: 36, Traction type: 4 WD, Amount of previous owners: 2

    Utility tool carriers
    2011 1,200 h
    Finland, Kempele

    24,323 SGD
  • Multicar M2510 S3, 1989, Utility tool carriersMulticar M2510 S3

    Utility tool carriers
    Czech Republic

    4,080 SGD
  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog, 1994, Utility tool carriersMercedes-Benz Unimog U 140 kommunalFuel type: Diesel, Engine output: 133.24, Transmission: Gear

    Utility tool carriers
    Germany, Neu-Ulm

    28,567 SGD
  • Antonio Carraro K.333, 2007, Utility tool carriersAntonio Carraro K.333Gross Weight: 930, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Body type: Articulated, Fuel type: Diesel, Engine output: 29.91, Traction type: 4 WD, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Top speed: 14, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 1.05 x 2.38 x 1.98 , Front tyre size: 23x10.5-12, Rear tyre size: 23x10.5-12, Production country: IT

    Utility tool carriers
    Hungary, Szeged

  • Trejon flexitrac 1126L, 2018, Utility tool carriersTrejon flexitrac 1126LGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Gross Weight: 1550, Cabin type: Open cab, Front tyres remaining: 90%, Rear tyres remaining : 90%, Front tyre size: 26x12-12, Rear tyre size: sama, Amount of previous owners: 1

    Utility tool carriers
    2018 190 h
    Finland, Kouvola

    23,923 SGD
  • Adler Heater 500, 2020, Utility tool carriersAdler Heater 500General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Fuel type: Electric, Traction type: 2 WD, Top speed: 6, Emission class: EEV, Guarantee: 12, Front tyres remaining: 100%, Rear tyres remaining : 100%, Production country: DE

    Utility tool carriers

    11,937 SGD
  •  Pflanzelt Pm Trac 2360 - Gödde - Mäher - Mulag, 2008, Utility tool carriersPflanzelt Pm Trac 2360 - Gödde - Mäher - MulagGross Weight: 11500, Fuel type: Diesel, Engine output: 160.44, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Front loader: Yes, Accessories: Mower

    Utility tool carriers
    2008 12,371 h

    86,977 SGD
  • Multihog CL55, 2019, Utility tool carriersMultihog CL55Traction type: 4 WD

    Utility tool carriers
    2019 20 h

    106,743 SGD
  • Votex RML176, 2019, Utility tool carriersVotex RML176General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5

    Utility tool carriers


Used Wheel Loaders and Integrated Tool Carriers

At Mascus, we have a wide selection of used wheel loaders for sale. Looking for a utility tool carrier on wheels? Browse the available listings online and check out what’s available. From John Deere tool carriers to Mercedes-Benz carriers, we have various integrated tool carriers for you to choose from. Hoping to sell instead? Find out how you can sell your used utility tool carriers below.

How to Sell Used Utility Tool Carriers

Selling your old utility tool carrier? Doing so is easy with the Mascus platform. Sign up as an End User if you have only one used wheel loader to sell, or become a Dealer if you have more second-hand agricultural equipment you wish to pass on.

  • Use our Mascus Price Indicator: an online service that provides you with an automatic valuation of your used mixer-wagons, so you don’t have to rely on your own research and numbers. This also standardises the process across the business, making it more efficient.
  • Import your stock automatically: with an XML feed of your stock from your website database, we can automatically update your stock levels on our site, saving you the time of doing it yourself.
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of your account: Make transactions easier and more flexible by creating a version of your account suited to mobile users.

Once you’re a member, you can start to pull together your used utility tool carrier listing. When creating your ad, make sure you upload plenty of clear images and detail all of the key product information to help buyers make an informed decision. The more details and images you can include, the more likely you are to attract the sale as buyers will have a clear view of the item. That includes the brand and model name, price and your location. Find out how to buy a used integrated tool carrier on the Mascus platform below.

How to Buy Used Utility Tool Carriers

From John Deere tool carriers to Mercedes-Benz carriers, there are multiple listings to choose from. See what’s available in our current listings by narrowing down your search using the left-hand panel. Select your preferences for location of seller, price, brand name and model to narrow down your search and help find the perfect used wheel loader for your needs. Take note of all the product information and photos available to you to make an informed decision. Once you’re happy with your chosen utility tool carrier, contact the seller sing the details form provided and they will be in touch.

Start your search by browsing our available listings for used Mercedes-Benz carriers.