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    Used forwarders for sale

    Below you can find the full list of ads of used forwarders category from forestry section, that are available on Mascus. Click all brands of used forwarders if you want to check the available used forwarders machines sorted by brand. You can also narrow your search results of forwarders by selecting filters in refine search navigation on left hand side.

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    • Ponsse Gazelle 8W, 2012, Forwarders

      Ponsse Gazelle 8W

      2012 8,191 h
      United States, Rhinelander

    • Ponsse Buffalo+, 2006, Forwarders

      Ponsse Buffalo DualEngine: Mercedes Benz, Engine output: 278.72, Number of wheels: 8, Harvester head make: Ponsse, Production country: FI

      United States, Rhinelander

    • John Deere 1110 E, 2013, Forwarders

      John Deere 1110ELatest inspection: 3/1/16, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Carrying capacity: 9979.01, Reach: 975.36, Front tyre size: 710, Rear tyre size: 710

      2013 6,000 h
      United States, Bark River, MI USA

      339,337 SGD
    • Ponsse Buffalo 8W, 2005, Forwarders

      Ponsse Buffalo 8WEngine: Mercedes Benz, Engine output: 278.72, Number of wheels: 8, Production country: FI

      2005 15,800 h
      United States, Michigan

    • John Deere 1710 D, 2006, Forwarders

      John Deere 1710DLatest inspection: 5/25/15, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Carrying capacity: 15422.1, Engine: John Deere, Number of wheels: 8, Front tyre size: 750, Rear tyre size: 750

      2006 16,000 h
      United States, Powers, Michigan USA

      210,389 SGD
    • Caterpillar 574, 2013, Forwarders

      Caterpillar 574

      2013 10,543 h
      United States, Enroute, MI

      216,497 SGD
    • Prentice 2548, 2010, Forwarders

      Prentice 2548

      2010 12,138 h
      United States, Brewer, ME

      183,242 SGD
    • Ponsse Wisent, 2006, Forwarders

      Ponsse Wisent

      2006 21,300 h
      United States, Rhinelander

    • Komatsu 855.1, 2015, Forwarders

      Komatsu 855.1

      2015 3,000 h
      United States, Rhinelander

      441,138 SGD
    • Ponsse Buffalo+, 2002, Forwarders

      Ponsse Buffalo S16

      2002 28,000 h
      United States, Rhinelander

    • Caterpillar 584, 2013, Forwarders

      Caterpillar 584

      2013 4,040 h
      United States, Enroute, MI

      369,878 SGD
    • Rottne F15, 2015, Forwarders

      Rottne F15Number of wheels: 8

      2015 5,500 h
      United States, Rhinelander

    • Valmet 890.1, 2002, Forwarders

      Valmet 890.1

      United States, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

    •  イワフジ CS-50, Forwarders

      イワフジ CS-50

      4,059 h

      18,561 SGD
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      Komatsu 855, 2013, Forwarders

      Komatsu 855General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Engine output: 201.09, Top speed: 23, Clamp make: G 28

      2013 11,350 h

    • Loglift 60 s, 2001, Forwarders

      Loglift 60 sCrane make: Loglift, Clamp make: Loglift

      Portugal, Marinha das ondas

    • Promoted
      Eco Log 564 B, 2004, Forwarders

      Eco Log 564BLatest inspection: 12/2018, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Amount of previous owners: 1, Carrying capacity: 12000, Engine: CAT, Engine output: 176.75, Transmission: HSM, Number of wheels: 8, Top speed: 20, Crane make: Loglift F71, Clamp make: Misera, Transport weight: 16000, Front tyre size: 700/50-26 5 , Rear tyre size: 700/50-

      2004 14,900 h
      Germany, Landau/Isar

      137,258 SGD
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      Valmet 860, 2005, Forwarders

      Valmet 860.1Carrying capacity: 15000, Number of wheels: 8, Crane make: Cranab CRF-8

      2005 18,164 h
      Ukraine, Cміла

      123,378 SGD
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      Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 2100 mit Epsilon Ladekran Holztransport, 1991, Forwarders

      Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 2100 mit Epsilon Ladekran HolztransportEngine output: 210, Number of wheels: 4, Top speed: 90, Crane make: Epsilon, Production country: DE

      Germany, 66851 Oberarnbach

      47,655 SGD
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      Timberjack 810D, 2004, Forwarders

      Timberjack 810DGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Number of wheels: 8, Crane make: Cf198, Reach: 1000

      2004 23,000 h
      Poland, Lipusz

      88,084 SGD

    Used Forestry Forwarders for Sale

    Browse our extensive range of used forestry forwarders here at Mascus, from a number of leading brands such as Komatsu, Timberjack, John Deere, Ponsse and many more. Along with forestry harvesters, we have a wide variety of forestry equipment all available in one place. With access to so many used forestry forwarders, it’s easy to find the machinery you require at a reasonable price. Find used forestry forwarders for sale at Mascus. Filter to find the model you require.

    How do I buy a forestry forwarder from Mascus?

    Selecting and buying a second hand forestry forwarder is an easy process when you use the Mascus site. All you have to do is browse sellers’ ads and contact them directly for more information on the vehicle. If you want to make a list of vehicles and/or machinery that you’re interested in, simply register for an online ‘My Mascus’ space. Here, you can track your favourite forestry forwarders and come back to purchase at a time that’s convenient for you.

    How to place a Want Ad for a used forestry forwarder

    Even though there are a varied range of second hand forestry forwarders to choose from at Mascus, you may be looking for a particular model that you have not yet seen listed on the site – that’s not a problem. You can place a Want Ad detailing the exact vehicle or machinery you require. Your ad will then be sent to our network of private sellers who may be able to help, supplying you with the exact equipment you need.

    Can I sell used forestry forwarders on the Mascus site?

    Are you looking to sell your forestry forwarders at Mascus? The process is easy. All you have to do is register as an End User or Dealer. If you use the Mascus site to buy and sell equipment, we would recommend that you register as a Dealer. It’s free to register at Mascus and here you’ll be able to access our price list for adverts. Do you have any questions about using the Mascus site to find forestry forwarders? Simply contact Robert Tate on 0800 083 9555 or email for more information.