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    Used Massey Ferguson agricultural equipment and machinery for sale

    Mascus is one of the UK’s leading online trading places for agricultural equipment. In our current listings, you’ll find a collection of used Massey Ferguson tractors for sale as well as combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment. Search through the listings to find the right affordable, farming machine for you today.
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    • Massey Ferguson 2170 XD, 2013, Square balers

      Massey Ferguson 2170 XDGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Production country: US

      Square balers
      China, 青岛,13210283821同微信号

      129,689 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 362, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 362Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Amount of previous owners: 1


      Thailand, นครปฐม / Nakhon Pathom

    • Massey Ferguson 128, Mower-conditioners

      Massey Ferguson MF 128



      5,817 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 124, Mower-conditioners

      Massey Ferguson MF 124



      5,817 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson MF 86, 2013, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson MF8690Tractor type: Farm Tractor

      2013 1,670 h
      United States, Lamar, CO

      313,393 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 300, Combine harvesters

      Massey Ferguson 300

      Combine harvesters

      United States, MOUNT HOPE, KS 67108

      3,444 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 9320, 1986, Combine harvester heads

      Massey Ferguson 9320

      Combine harvester heads
      United States, Arthur, Illinois

      1,378 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 7624, 2013, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 7624Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 240

      2013 1,938 h
      United States, Gibson City, Illinois

      141,199 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 9695, 2011, Combine harvesters

      Massey Ferguson 9695Engine output: 300, Traction type: 2 WD

      Combine harvesters
      2011 1,714 h
      United States, Arthur, Illinois

      144,643 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 8650, 2014, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 8650Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 270

      2014 1,361 h
      United States, Arthur, Illinois

      172,194 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 240, 1996, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 240STractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction type: 2 WD

      United States, Fort Collins, Colorado

      9,574 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 4610, 2016, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 4610MTractor type: Farm Tractor

      2016 729 h
      United States, Santa Maria, CA

      58,270 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson WR 9770, 2012, Other forage harvesting equipment

      Massey Ferguson WR9770

      Other forage harvesting equipment
      2012 1,677 h
      United States, Lamar, CO

      137,755 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson GC 2300, 2003, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson MFGC2300Tractor type: Farm Tractor

      2003 434 h
      United States, Salem, OH

      7,232 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 6615, 2014, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson MF6615Tractor type: Farm Tractor

      2014 928 h
      United States, Portland, OR

      163,929 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 40 B, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 40BTractor type: Farm Tractor

      1,139 h
      United States, Greensboro, NC

      6,061 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson MF 2680, 2013, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson MF2680LTractor type: Farm Tractor

      2013 902 h
      United States, Portland, OR

      24,658 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 6616, 2014, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson MF6616Tractor type: Farm Tractor

      2014 472 h
      United States, Millersburg, OH

      155,526 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 9540, 2014, Combine harvesters

      Massey Ferguson 9540Engine output: 370, Traction type: 2 WD

      Combine harvesters
      2014 1,233 h
      United States, Arthur, Illinois

      254,847 SGD
    • Massey Ferguson 71, 2017, Tractors

      Massey Ferguson 6713Tractor type: Farm Tractor

      2017 185 h
      United States, Salinas, CA

      93,398 SGD

    Types of Used Massey Ferguson Agricultural Equipment

    Looking for a Massey Ferguson 50, or a second hand Massey Ferguson 165? It’s easy to search for the right piece of high functioning agricultural machinery model with Mascus. You’ll need a Mascus membership to buy or sell your agricultural equipment and to view listings or be listed on the site. Use our instructions to find out how.

    How To Sell Second Hand Massey Ferguson Tractors and More

    It’s quick and easy to sell used Massey Ferguson combines, tractors and other farming equipment with Mascus. Become a Dealer or an End User. If you only want to make the one-off sale, sign up as an End User. Alternatively, if you’re looking to make more frequent sales of second hand Massey Ferguson machinery, join as a Dealer.

    This way, you’ll be granted access to a range of benefits, including access to social media tools, sponsored advertisements and the option to add your logo to the search results. After authorisation, you’ll be able to set up an advert for your used Massey Ferguson machine. For a successful listing, make sure to include a few high-quality pictures and add details of key selling points.

    How To Buy Used Massey Ferguson Agricultural Equipment

    Do you need a particular type of second hand Massey Ferguson farming machinery? If you’re looking for a Massey Ferguson tractor, forage machine or harvester, you’ll find searching online with Mascus simple using our navigation system. Select your preferences, including price range, model specification and seller’s location. Then, scroll through your search results to find the right equipment for you.

    Once you’ve found the right used Massey Ferguson farming equipment for you, contact the seller by filling in the form available. The seller will then be in contact.

    Not decided yet? Take a look at our listings of Massey Ferguson combine harvesters.